Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking Knowledge Hub

The new tobacco use trend of the 21st century is Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking (WTS) A Growing Threat to Public Health
The alarming worldwide increase in the use of waterpipe tobacco dictated on the Conference of Parties (COP) of WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) to mandate the establishment of a knowledge hub (KH) for waterpipe tobacco smoking to assess and advise Parties to the Convention on effective measures to curb this global epidemic. The objective of the KH is to generate expertise, information and knowledge on the subject that can be communicated to Parties, interest groups and partners. The match of the objectives of FCTC in establishing a KH to those of AUB’s Tobacco Control Research Group (TCRG) in enhancing the science and research on waterpipe made AUB a natural home for it. The collective expertise on waterpipe smoking at AUB is unparalleled at any other academic institution in the world. Through their investigative work and collaborations, AUB scientists and researchers across many faculties have made numerous valuable contributions to the knowledge on the epidemiology and increasing popularity of waterpipe use, patterns of use, addictiveness and toxicology of waterpipe tobacco products, and recommendations on policies and regulations. AUB researchers have strong relationships with renowned colleagues all over the world who have also contributed to advancing the state of the science on waterpipe tobacco smoking. It is our hope that with the support of all concerned stakeholders, this KH meets it set objectives in assessing and disseminating the knowledge on waterpipe smoking through virtual platforms of information and exchange, organizing activities to share this information and experiences, and advising regulatory bodies on effective control measures to curb this growing global epidemic.