Basic Skills for Tobacco Cessation from MAY 19 – JUNE 9, 2021 VIA WEBEX

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April 7, 2021
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September 16, 2021


MAY 19 – JUNE 9, 2021VIA WEBEX

For the full online course check the PDF KHWTS Tobacco Use and Products PPT

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Organized by the Knowledge Hub for Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking (KHWTS) at the Faculty of Medicine and the AUB Health and Wellness Center, in line with WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY (WNTD).

This online course is designed for health care workers and professionals who want to gain basic skills and knowledge to help tobacco users quit smoking.
It introduces the basic knowledge of tobacco use, nicotine products and dependence. It provides the attendees with the basic concepts of behavioral counseling therapy and motivational interviewing techniques in smoking cessation and finally it offers the most up-to-date evidence based tobacco cessation treatment pharmacology and strategies.
This course is a four-hour online program that will be conducted weekly between May 19 and June 9, 2021

Learning Objectives:
At the end of the course, the attendees will be able to:
1.Recognize the different types of tobacco products and the risks and harmful effects of tobacco use
2.Describe E-cigarette components, health effects, and risks
3.Understand the addiction neurobiology and clinical aspects of nicotine dependence
4.Identify the evidence-based techniques of Motivational Interviewing in tobacco treatment
5.To demonstrate a Motivational Interviewing interview in tobacco treatment
6.Understand the importance of behavioral support in tobacco cessation
7.Recognize changes in lifestyle, and challenges during a quit attempt
8.Provide appropriate follow-up and support for quitters
9.Recognize the different pharmacological treatment options for smoking cessation
10.Discuss the tobacco treatment options in pregnant, children, adolescents and elderly

Course Director:
Maya Romani, MD, DipIBLM, TTS, CCWS
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Tobacco treatment specialist
Director, Health and Wellness Center
Faculty of Medicine
American University of Beirut

Farid Talih, MD
Assistant Professor
Sleep and Addiction Medicine
Adult Psychiatry

Nadim Kanj, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Specialty
Pulmonary and Bronchoscopy
Smoking Cessation Program

Nour Alayan, PHD, RN
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Nursing
Behavioral Health

Taline Demerjian, RN, MPH
Registered Nurse

Please check this document for the programs agenda and further details:


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