WNTD 2018: Tobacco and Heart Disease, UCT KH shares knowledge on the harms of tobacco use with the general public

KH research on illicit trade features in local newspaper
May 29, 2018
New research uncovers tobacco industry’s latest scam
June 15, 2018

Tobacco and Heart Disease is the theme for today’s World No Tobacco Day. Although most people regard cancer as the disease commonly associated with tobacco use, more smokers die of tobacco-attributable heart disease than tobacco-attributable cancers.

As our team celebrates WNTD2018, we share a newspaper article titled “How illicit trade undercuts efforts to curb smoking” by Corne van Walbeek of the UCT KH on tobacco tax and illicit trade. The article appeared in a local South African newspaper, Business Day. Business Day has a national readership. The full article can be accessed at the following link: