What We Do

Workshops and Training

The Knowledge Hub facilitates workshops and training for government officials (and sometimes employees from civil society organisations) from a variety of countries on specific topics. Such training is offered to Parties from around the world through the Knowledge Hub's global network.

This training covers topics such as: how to design an efficient tobacco tax system; how to measure the size and/or trends in illicit trade in tobacco products; how to model the likely impact of a change in the excise tax on tobacco consumption, smoking prevalence and tax revenue; and the like.

You can learn more about the UCT KH workshops, as well as the application requirements here.
KH Workshop July 2019


The Knowledge Hub recently launched this excellent resource. Browse library via subject, via location (geographic region), or income classification.

You can learn more about the E-library here.

There is a handy user guide available to watch here.


In-Country Technical Assistance

The Knowledge Hub network provides technical support to individual countries on issues related to tobacco taxation and/or illicit trade.

Support can be provided by the core knowledge hub team, or by members of the Knowledge Hub's global network. This often takes the form of assistance in the development and implementation of priority projects that are initiated as part of the Knowledge Hub workshops/training programmes. Rather than simply offering Parties a means to outsource technical expertise, the Knowledge Hub focuses on building capacity - helping governments and civil societies to develop relevant internal capabilities.

You can learn more about the in-country technical assistance, as well as the application requirements here.
TCCP Breakout



Knowledge Dissemination

The Knowledge Hub facilitates knowledge dissemination for all information relevant to Article 6 and Article 15 of the FCTC.

We offer practical insights on the topics of taxation (Article 6) and illicit trade (Article 15) - and provide interested parties with relevant best-practice guidelines. We also collate and communicate the latest and most cutting edge research in these areas. Online resources are separated into those that are publicly accessible (by an member of the public) and those that are available only to approved members of the WHO FCTC Knowledge Hub network.

To access our public resources, click here. To access our members' resources, please login or register here. To access the E-Library, visit: https://untobaccocontrol.org/taxation/e-library/.