New resources uploaded: WBG’s Economics of Tobacco Taxation Toolkit

Access to online Tetsim application now available on our website!
April 5, 2018
Blogpost: As cigarettes become more affordable, the number of Zambian smokers increases
May 7, 2018

Download The Economics of Tobacco Taxation Toolkit here.

The work hopes contribute to the advancement of the tobacco taxation agenda! It was conducted with the support of the WBG Global Tobacco Control program under the co-leadership of Patricio V Marquez, HNP GP, Blanca Moreno-Dodson, formerly at the Gov GP and now Manager of the WBG Center for Mediterranean Integration,  and Sheila Dutta, HNP GP, involved global experts, including Ayda Yurekli (formerly from the WBG and WHO) and Paul Isenman (former senior manager and lead economist at the WBG and the OECD), was extensively peer reviewed internally and outside the WBG, and edited by Angela Burton.