Gearing up for World No Tobacco Day on 31 May – New WB Resources

The WHO FCTC Knowledge Hub on taxation adopts a statement on the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World
May 14, 2018
KH research on illicit trade features in local newspaper
May 29, 2018

On May 31, 2018, the World No Tobacco Day, the WBG team will be launching six Indonesia Tobacco Reports at a day-long seminar organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Finance and the World Bank Group Country Office in Jakarta.  Other Government entities have been invited by the MOF.

Below are the links to the six reports that will presented at the seminar. The reports have been prepared in a systematic manner over the past two years, and address some of the key questions posed to the WBG team by the MOF to inform tobacco taxation policy making, particularly for the next adjustment to be announced before the WBG Annual Meetings:  the economics of tobacco farming, clove farming, kretek rolling, tobacco employment, potential impact of raising tobacco taxes on tobacco farming and employment, cigarette price affordability, and distributive impact of tobacco taxation (i.e., impact on the poor).

“Cigarette Affordability in Indonesia: 2002-2017” (2018):

“The Economics of Tobacco Employment and Taxation in Indonesia.  Policy Implications.  Technical Brief” (2018):

 “Economics of Tobacco Farming in Indonesia” (2017):

 “Economics of Clove Farming in Indonesia” (2017):

  “The Economics of Kretek Rolling in Indonesia” (2017):

“The Economics of Tobacco Taxation and Employment in Indonesia” (2018):

These reports have also been archived on our public resources page, where you can find a host of other resources relating to tobacco taxation at any time.