Back to Basics #5: The Solution to Illicit Trade

Back to Basics #4: Price elasticity
October 23, 2019
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Back to Basics #6: Calculating the Economic Cost of Smoking
November 12, 2019
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The Knowledge Hub has published a fifth Back to Basics (B2B) policy brief in the series covering various topics on tobacco taxation, titled: The Solution to Illicit Trade.

To date, we have issued four briefs: #1 on Tobacco Taxes and Tax Administration, #2: The Rationale for Tobacco Tax and Price Measures, #3:  a Call for Open Access Data on Tobacco Taxation and B2B #4: Price elasticity.

Published under the banner of the WHO FCTC Knowledge Hub on Tobacco Taxation and Illicit Trade, these one-page briefs are accessible and easy to read, yet still contain the most important information regarding various tobacco-taxation topics.

Look out for the next in the series soon.