Back to Basics #10: Tobacco Tax Earmarking

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Back to Basics #9: Tobacco Taxation Systems: Ideal Tax Structure
May 26, 2020
Back to Basics #11: Setting the Ideal Tobacco Tax Rate
July 28, 2020
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The Knowledge Hub has published the tenth Back to Basics (B2B) policy brief in the series covering various topics on tobacco taxation, titled: Tobacco Tax Earmarking.

To date, we have issued nine other briefs: #1 on Tobacco Taxes and Tax Administration, #2: The Rationale for Tobacco Tax and Price Measures, #3: a Call for Open Access Data on Tobacco Taxation, B2B #4: Price elasticity, #5: The Solution to Illicit Trade; #6: Calculating the Economic Cost of Smoking; #7:  Court Cases and Litigation (prepared in partnership with the McCabe Centre for Law & Cancer, the WHO FCTC Knowledge Hub on Legal Challenges), #8:  The TETSiM Model, and #9: Tobacco Taxation Systems: Ideal Tax Structure,.

Published under the banner of the WHO FCTC Knowledge Hub on Tobacco Taxation and Illicit Trade, these briefs are accessible and easy to read, yet still contain the most important information regarding various tobacco-taxation topics.

Look out for the next in the series soon.