Welcome to the Knowledge Hub blog!

New materials to support the implementation of Article 20
February 20, 2019
Updates on the Knowledge Hub’s website
April 26, 2019

Welcome to the Knowledge Hub blog!

The WHO FCTC Secretariat’s Knowledge Hub on Surveillance has launched a new blog platform to enhance the visibility of the work and progress with tobacco control monitoring and surveillance, and the implementation of Article 20 of the WHO FCTC.

The purpose of the blog is to provide perspectives on a variety of topics related to tobacco surveillance and monitoring in an easily accessible way. The blog is intended for a broad audience including not only researchers but experts working with any tobacco-related data, surveillance, monitoring or evaluation.

The blog provides a channel for sharing experiences and knowledge, and for increasing awareness of available tools and good practices. Parties to the Convention can also identify potential partners and information sources for their tobacco control initiatives through the blog.

Blog posts may approach tobacco surveillance and monitoring from a wide range of perspectives. For instance, topics can cover accessing different types of data, best ways of utilizing certain resources, or other practical tips and experiences. Blog posts can address surveillance and monitoring of a range of tobacco and nicotine products regulated under the WHO FCTC and in national tobacco control legislation. The planned frequency for blog posts is from 2 to 4 per year.

Share your ideas

The blog welcomes writers who would like to share some of their recent projects, case studies, and lessons learned around the theme that could be beneficial to Parties or other entities. If you would like to contribute to the blog or have an idea for a post or a theme, please let us know! We are excited to hear about any suggestions you might have.

The blog follows the guidelines for the implementation of Article 5.3 of the WHO FCTC. A conflict of interest statement is required from the authors. The blog will not accept posts from persons affiliated with tobacco entities or their front groups or organizations or entities that further the interests of the tobacco industry, including tobacco industry funded research bodies such as ‘Foundation for a Smoke-Free World’.

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