This page presents a collection of guidelines providing technical assistance and useful information sources for implementing, evaluating and monitoring tobacco control programs and policies.

These guidelines are intended to benefit national and regional tobacco programs by outlining common frameworks for tobacco control monitoring, presenting case studies and drawing on existing research.

General guidelines

WHO: Guidelines for controlling and monitoring the tobacco epidemic (1998)
One of the first comprehensive guides for implementing and managing tobacco control policies and programmes

WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic (2017)
The sixth WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic focuses on monitoring tobacco use and prevention policies

Evaluation guidelines

IARC: Methods for Evaluating Tobacco Control Policies (2008)
A guide for assessing the effects of tobacco control interventions

CDC: Introduction to Process Evaluation in Tobacco Use Prevention and Control (2008)
A manual serving as technical assistance for evaluating tobacco use prevention and control programs

CDC: Developing an evaluation plan (2011)
A workbook assisting in developing an evaluation plan through practical examples and exercises

CDC: Developing an evaluation report (2013)
A workbook designed to provide practical tools for writing a process evaluation report





Indicator guidelines

WHO FCTC Indicator Compendium 
The Compendium aims at facilitating access to treaty-specific indicators and their usage by Parties, developed in response to the mandate given to the Convention Secretariat by the fifth session of the Conference of the Parties (decision FCTC/COP5(11))

CDC & WHO: Key Questions from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey GATS (2011)
The Tobacco Questions for Surveys (TQS) Guide provides a standard set of questions on tobacco use, and key tobacco control measures

CDC: Surveillance and evaluation data resources (2014)
The CDC guide outlines general information needs and resources for a variety of tobacco surveillance and evaluation studies

Thematic guidelines

IARC: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Smoke-free Policies (2008)
A handbook providing support on designing smoke-free legislation by reviewing evidence from research

CDC: Evaluation of smoke-free policies (2008)
A toolkit providing advice on assessing impacts of smoke-free laws and regulations