WorldNoTobaccoDay: Tobacco Consumption Down By 6.5% In Delhi

June 8, 2018
Global Adult Tobacco Survey India Report (2016-2017)
June 14, 2018

by mymedicalmantra

The Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) has shown that the prevalence of Tobacco has decreased in Delhi. The Delhi government has launched 1 to 1 community-based campaign. The campaign appeals citizens to adopt one tobacco user and encourage him or her to quit tobacco

The Global Adult Tobacco Survey (2) factsheet for Delhi state, was released on the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day.
The prevalence of tobacco use in Delhi. has reduced by 6.5% as compared to 6% for all India average
A staggering 2700 people lose their lives every day in India, due to tobacco consumption.
The effort of Delhi government’s tobacco Cessation programme has yielded results. The GATS, fact sheet of tobacco prevalence in Delhi has shown a positive sign, as the tobacco prevalence in the national capital has reduced by 6.5%.

GATS factsheet Delhi (2)

The prevalence of current tobacco smokers has also reduced significantly by 6.1% in Delhi State as compared to 3.3% for India average.

The number of daily tobacco smokers has reduced by 8.6% as compared to 2.1% for India average

The current gutkha users have also significantly reduced by 5.2% in Delhi State as compared to 1.4% for India average

For cessation modalities also Delhi State has performed better and the number of smokers who gave up in the past twelve months has increased by 33.3% as compared to 0.1% for India average.

While speaking at the function Dr SK Arora, Additional Director Health, and Chief of Tobacco control project said, “The smokeless tobacco users who made an attempt to quit tobacco in past twelve months have also increased by 39.7% as compared to 2.2% decrease for India average. The adults exposed to tobacco smoke at home have also reduced significantly by 23.3% as compared to 13.6% reduction for India average.”

While addressing the function Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain, said, “We should not use any tobacco products and we should help the tobacco users to quit these habits and take a healthy living.”

On the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day, Delhi government had organised a programme, where more than 1000 people had participated.

Dr Arora further said, “The 1 for 1 campaign has been launched to adopt one tobacco / Pan masala user to assist tobacco /Pan Masala users to quit these habits because we still lack adequate assistance for Tobacco Cessation. The 1 for 1 campaign is a community link campaign and is a need of the hour in our country in view of a large number of tobacco users.”