Thematic Areas of Focus for the KH-SLT

Surveillance and Monitoring: Focus on comprehensive surveillance to assess the range of SLT use, changes in patterns of use, as well as evaluate the impact of policies, interventions, and other steps taken to address its use.

Policy Reform: Undertake SLT relevant policy research for Parties to give due priority on SLT control as mandated under the WHO FCTC. Such research to support policy reforms beyond cigarettes as may be needed.

Products: Undertake more comprehensive characterization of the properties of different SLT products and their constituents. Additionally, focus on non-tobacco products (such as areca nut) that are frequently used in conjunction with SLT.

Health Effects: Contribute to and expand on the research body on specific health effects of various SLT products.

Economics and Marketing:  Collate and compile information on pricing and sales volume of SLT, to understand patterns of use and develop effective public health interventions on SLT control.

Interventions: Design, develop, test and implement new interventions for SLT use prevention and cessation at both the population and individual levels.