Smokeless Tobacco Certificate Course

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WHO FCTC Global Knowledge Hub on Smokeless Tobacco- Packaging/labeling and advertisment of slt products
January 18, 2019
International Meeting on TAPS: Ban for Smokeless Tobacco
November 20, 2019


Tobacco kills more than 7 million people every year and continues to burden the healthcare systems across the world. Smokeless Tobacco is a recognized public health challenge with more than 350 million users in over 140 countries, especially in South-East Asia. It constitutes a plethora of unregulated, under-researched and unidentified products.

This online course on Smokeless Tobacco Control is offered by the WHO FCTC Global Knowledge Hub of Smokeless Tobacco (KH-SLT) at Indian Council of Medical Research -National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research India (ICMR-NICPR) in collaboration with Tobacco Control Research Branch (TCRB) at National Cancer Institute (NCI).World-renowned experts of tobacco control from all across the world constitute the panel of faculty for the program.

The course has been carved out especially keeping in cognizance of the different training and research needs with respect to SLT surveillance, control measures, industry tactics, laws, policies and taxation measures. With vast expertise, this training course is one of its kind and perhaps the only in the world covering all aspects of SLT control.

From this course, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the history and reach of the SLT epidemic; the working and tactics of the tobacco industry; strategies and methods for informing and educating individuals, communities, and countries. This short-term course equips participants with skills and strategies necessary in supporting effective SLT control policy development, implementation and evaluation.

Tobacco control strategies and policies differ with respect to smokeless tobacco that too from country to country. There is a need for specialized training and research in Smokeless Tobacco control. The online course in SLT Control provides a core understanding of technical skills that allow participants to advance SLT control efforts in their countries.



Educational objectives of the program include:

* To introduce the SLT epidemic, WHO-FCTC, and MPOWER strategies.
* To monitor SLT control efforts, surveillance and policies. Identify the types and sources of tobacco control evidence including surveillance data, epidemiological studies, intervention research, and program and policy evaluation with a focus on smokeless tobacco.
* To describe SLT product regulation.
* To recognize and describe communication approaches that are currently used to educate and inform individuals, communities and countries concerning tobacco control.
* To articulate epidemiological, quantitative, and qualitative research and evaluation methods using specific tobacco control examples.

Last Date to Apply SLT Online Course : 28 March 2019


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