Sessions and abstract presented in 17th WCTOH at Cape Town, 7th – 9th March, 2018

India: Bihar witnesses highest decline in tobacco use
February 27, 2018
Big Tobacco is targeting developing nations: report
March 10, 2018

The programme for the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health is available online. The 39 abstract sessions, 45 symposia and plenary sessions present the latest issues in tobacco control. Top experts from around the world will address the toughest challenges in public health today including tobacco industry interference, taxation and new nicotine products through innovative session formats.

Programme Highlights:
WCTOH is in Africa for the first time, where tobacco industry interference is endemic. Countering tobacco industry interference in development and implementation of tobacco control policy is a challenge faced by all countries working to reduce tobacco use. Session on this issue include: Towards a Global Index to Measure Tobacco Industry Interference. Tracking and assessing industry tactics around the globe will help develop a coordinated and effective strategy to prevent tobacco companies obstructing and delaying public health policy. Global efforts to monitor tobacco industry interference will be covered in this symposium, featuring presentations from Anna Gilmore, Gary Fooks and Mary Assunta. It will conclude with a discussion on how to support industry monitoring, and whether an index for assessing levels of interference is feasible.

[Session] Prioritising Smokeless Tobacco Prevention and Control for Advancing the WHO FCTC

Chair: Tibor Zoltan Szilagyi, Switzerland
Chair: Ravi Mehrotra, India

The diversity of smokeless tobacco products worldwide  [PDF]
Dr. Prakash C Gupta, India

The disease risks of smokeless tobacco products across regions [PDF]
Dr. Neal Freedman, United States of America

Toxic contents and emissions in smokeless tobacco products (Article 9 & 10 of WHO FCTC) [PDF]
Dorothy Hatsukami, United States of America

Harmful constituents in smokeless tobacco products and laboratory testing methods
Dr. Irina Stepanov, United States of America

Smokeless tobacco in Central Asia: working towards an effective regulatory framework for nasvai in Tajikistan [PDF]
Dr. Katherine Shats, United States of America

Smokeless Tobacco Use, Malnutrition, and Poverty in LMICs [PDF]
Dr. Muhammad Jami Husain, United States of America

Discussant: Research needs for smokeless tobacco regulation under the FCTC
Dr. Dhirendra N. Sinha, India

[Poster / E-Poster Presentations]

Role of WHO FCTC global knowledge hub on smokeless tobacco in smokeless tobacco control
Anshika Chandra, Ravi Mehrotra
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Protection from exposure to second hand SLT use in public places – spitting a public health concern or a public nuisance?
Amit Yadav, Kumar Chandan, Dhirendra Narayan Sinha, Ravi Mehrotra, Anshika Chandra
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Urgent need for implementing media education campaigns and health warnings in Parties with high burden of SLT use
Amit Yadav, Dhirendra Narayan Sinha, Kumar Chandan, Ravi Mehrotra
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Article 14 of WHO FCTC: gaps in implementation & recommendations
Suzanne Tanya Nethan, Dhirendra N Sinha, Kumar Chandan, Ravi Mehrotra
[Poster] | [Abstract Book]

Global Policy progress in Article 16 of WHO FCTC on cigarettes (CIG) and smokeless tobacco (SLT)
Shekhar Grover, Dhirendra Narayan Sinha, Amit Yadav, Prakash C Gupta, Ravi Mehrotra
[Abstract Book]

Global policy progress in Article 13 of World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) on Cigarettes (CIG) and Smokeless Tobacco (SLT)
Dhirendra Narayan Sinha, Shekhar Grover, Harleen Kaur, Kumar Chandan, Prakash C Gupta, Ravi Mehrotra
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Network analysis to detect gaps in research on smokeless tobacco: implications for future policy
Harleen Kaur Gulati, Amit Kumar, Ajay Singh Dhama, Ruchika Gupta, Amitesh Kumar Sharma, Harpreet Singh, Dhirendra N Sinha, Ravi Mehrotra
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Policy progress of health  warnings on tobacco products as per Article 11 of WHO FCTC: a global analysis
Shekhar Grover, Dhirendra N Sinha, Prakash C Gupta, Ravi Mehrotra
[Abstract Book]

Global policy progress in Article 20 of World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) on Smokeless Tobacco (SLT)
Dhirendra N Sinha, Amit Kumar, Ruchika Gupta, Harleen Kaur Gulati, Sanjay Gupta, Ravi Mehrotra
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