Children and adolescents are rescued in slave labor identical conditions in the south of Brazil

Swallowed lives | Documentary


According to an article posted by the Observatory of Strategies of the Tobacco Industry in Brazil, from 25/02/2021, two families were found, with minors aged between 9 and 17 years working and living in the rural area of Venâncio Aires, a tobacco growing municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Minors worked in bulking and grading tobacco leaves in barns where the leaves were stored and where they were also living. All the seven children and adolescents referred to acute symptoms of nausea and vomiting, compatible with either intoxication by pesticides or Green Tobacco Sickness (GTS). Continental Tobacco Alliance, a tobacco processing company based in Rio Grande do Sul, was fined by the Public Ministry of Labor of Rio Grande do Sul (MPT-RS) and the Federal Police (PF) in R$82.432,86 but they have appealed to the sentence.

Photo: Habitation conditions of tobacco growers in a Brazilian county by MPT-RS