CETAB works on research, capacity building, and technical cooperation on NCDs risk factors. It develops studies and provides training opportunities aimed at supporting policy-making decisions in tobacco use and other NCDs risk factors. It has since its inception particularly focused on topics related to health, labour, and social aspects in tobacco production (with emphasis on tobacco growing) including impact of tobacco on the environment.

CETAB functions as the eighth WHO FCTC Secretariat’s Knowledge Hub and works to promote the implementation of articles 17&18 of the WHO FCTC.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the establishment of a Knowledge Hub at CETAB was signed by the Convention Secretariat and FIOCRUZ on 09th July 2020, confirming CETAB as one of the eight hubs that collaborate with the WHO FCTC Secretariat in treaty implementation matters.

As part of the Knowledge Hubs network, CETAB will assist the Convention Secretariat to facilitate the exchange of information and cooperation between Parties within CETAB’s areas of expertise, providing assistance to Parties in the implementation of the treaty. This work is in accordance with Article 22 of the WHO FCTC (Cooperation in the scientific, technical, and legal fields and provision of related expertise) on matters under articles 17&18 expertise in relation to the Convention.

CETAB’s support to the implementation of the Convention will be global in the scope, going beyond the boundaries of the hosting countries, sub-regions, and regions. The Knowledge Hub at FIOCRUZ is the second in Latin America, although the tasks are global.

Parties that wish to receive assistance from the Knowledge Hubs in the respective areas of work should contact the Convention Secretariat fctcsecretariat@who.int. The Secretariat will then coordinate with the relevant hub and other partners, if appropriate, to arrange for the required assistance to the Party.