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Addition to resources directly relating to identifying the tobacco industry and its tactics, practices and policies to protect against tobacco industry interference can be found in the main tabs.

Other resources like tools and templates, press releases, official documents and relating to Article 5.3 or tobacco industry interference can be found on this page.

Resources Brief DescriptionLinks
Tobacco Tactics (U Bath)University of Bath – Tobacco Control Research Group’s academic resource that explores how the tobacco industry influences policy and public health in the UK, the EU, and internationally.
Tobacco Watch (SEATCA)Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance’s monitoring center on status of implementation of FCTC Articles 5.3 and 13 of ASEAN countries and tobacco industry’s activities in the region.
Big Tobacco: Tiny Targets (TFK)Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’ project that seeks to document, through crowdsourcing technology and social media, tobacco marketing that targets kids in various countries.
World Health OrganizationOffers numerous publications and a database to help monitor and counter the tobacco industry
Truth Tobacco Industry Documents (UCSF)An archive of 14 million documents created by tobacco companies about their advertising, manufacturing, marketing, scientific research and political activities, hosted by the UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management.
Cigarette Citadels (Stanford)Stanford’s Global Tobacco Prevention Research Initiative that aims to pinpoint all the factories in the world producing cigarettes and provide basic facts about them.
Tobacco Watcher (JHU)Designed by the Johns Hopkins University Institute for Global Tobacco Control, Tobacco Watcher is an automated surveillance system for tobacco focused media analytics. Its database includes news articles that are searchable by topic (e.g., prevalence, quitting, advertising, industry, flavor, bans, warnings, prices, and age restrictions). Its industry news covers various topics, such as business reporting, mergers, acquisitions, and profit sharing.
Tobacco and Human Rights Hub (ASH)A one-stop-shop online resource for tobacco control and human rights advocates working on the intersection between tobacco and human rights.


Observatório sobre as Estratégias da Indústria do Tabaco (Brazil)

Established in Rio de Janeiro in March 2016, the observatory investigates and highlights the various tactics utilized by the tobacco industry in Brazil and neighboring countries. It is coordinated by the Center for Tobacco and Health Studies of the National School of Public Health of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (CETAB/Ensp/Fiocruz), a public academic institution, and belongs to the Brazilian Ministry of Health. Its website is bilingual, including information in both English and Portuguese.

TobaccoUnmasked (Sri Lanka)

Publicly launched in June 2017, TobaccoUnmasked contains evidence-based information on tobacco industry, with detailed profiles of tobacco companies that operate in Sri Lanka and their employees. Its webpages include tobacco industry profiles, allies, institutions, and individuals linked with the industry in various ways. It describes strategies adopted by the tobacco industry to influence policy development and implementation in tobacco taxation and price-related issues, corporate social investments, tobacco growing, marketing, promotion, etc. Tobacco industry arguments and their responses to different policy processes are also reported as a learning exercise for future reference. The observatory is based at the Center for Combating Tobacco, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.