Uruguay adopts plain packaging

The Decree 806, to give effect to Law No 19.723 dated 21 December 2018, was adopted by the Ministry of Public Health on 29 April 2019. This regulation will enter into force twelve months after the adoption of Law No 19.723.

The Ministry of Public Health identified the necessity to adopt complementary measures in relation to the health warnings and packaging of tobacco products. These new regulations take into consideration the successful examples of Australia, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Under this new regulation, the packaging of all tobacco products will have a specific color, and there are specific indications for the incorporation of the brand name in the package and single brand presentation is also allowed mandated. Several forms of advertising are banned from these packages, such as stickers, and there are also requirements on the display of information of the producer on the labelling. Moreover, the pictorial health warnings will now be located at the top of the principal display areas.

In relation to the packaging of cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco, the size, shape and material, as well as the location of the brand name are determined by the new regulations. Additionally, the color and design of the cigarettes themselves is also described.

Uruguay became the first country in America to implement plain packaging, and with this due regulations continues setting the scene in the region for a strong tobacco control.


Decree 806 can be accessed at https://medios.presidencia.gub.uy/legal/2019/decretos/04/cm_806.pdf



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