April 14, 2016

Ukraine: the Parliament praised the implementation of WHO FCTC at its 10th anniversary

  The Ukrainian Parliament adopted a Declaration on the 10th anniversary of the ratification of WHO FCTC by the country. All members of the Parliament Health Committee signed an Act […]
April 11, 2016

GABON: five implementation decrees adopted by the Council of Ministers

  On 11 April 2016, the Council of Ministers of Gabon has adopted five decrees (regulations) related to the implementation of the country’s 2013 anti-tobacco act (please see details at: […]
April 6, 2016

India: launch of the global FCTC Knowledge Hub on smokeless tobacco

  At its sixth session in Moscow, 2014, the Conference of the Parties recognized smokeless tobacco use as a global health problem. Smokeless tobacco is a risk factor of many […]
April 5, 2016

Oman: Decision of the Minister of Information bans tobacco advertising and promotion

  On 5 April 2016, the Minister of Information issued a ministerial decision banning all forms of tobacco advertising and promotion that could be read, seen, listened to, including those […]
March 7, 2016

Peru: the Convention Secretariat funds activities to progress implementation of recommendations of the joint needs assessment

The Peruvian Ministry of Health launched the report of the needs assessment jointly undertaken by the Government of Peru and the Convention Secretariat (WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) on […]
February 26, 2016

Australia: Government releases plain packaging post-implementation review

The Australian Government Post-Implementation Review of Tobacco Plain Packaging has been released on 26 February 2016. The overall conclusion of the Review is that the tobacco plain packaging measure “has […]
February 24, 2016

The European Ombudsman strengthens its policy on Article 5.3 of the WHO FCTC

The Cabinet of the European Ombudsman notified the Convention Secretariat of its new and strengthened policy regarding interactions with the tobacco industry, adopted by the institution in September 2015.  These […]
February 20, 2016

Kuwait: smoking ban in malls implemented – violators may expect fines

  A smoking ban inside malls is now implemented in Kuwait. Smokers who violate this ban will be fined KD 50 to KD 100. This penalty will be applied to […]
February 17, 2016

Palau: the National Code to allocate 10% of annual revenues from tobacco excise to pay for healthcare for nations aging and disabled populations

Affordable and quality healthcare for the elderly and the disabled is a moral and legal imperative, which has been reflected in the Republic of Palau’s Constitution and the National Healthcare […]
February 17, 2016

Senegal: the Ministerial Council supports ratification of the Protocol

At its meeting on 17 February 2016, the Ministerial Council adopted the draft law that will authorise the President to ratify the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products. […]