United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – guidance for embassies on interactions with the tobacco industry published

The Government of the United Kingdom has published revised guidance on interactions with the tobacco industry for the United Kingdom’s overseas posts, in line with Article 5.3 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC). The document is to provide overseas posts with greater clarity on the type of support that may be provided to the tobacco industry.

The document notes that posts should encourage and support the fullest implementation of the WHO FCTC, and should limit interactions with the tobacco industry, including any person or organization that is likely to be working to further the interests of that industry. In the event that interactions with the industry are necessary, these should be conducted with maximum transparency to demonstrate compliance with the WHO FCTC.

The document also lists the activities which posts must not undertake, including being involved in activities with the specific purpose of promoting the sale of tobacco or tobacco related products; encouraging investment in the tobacco industry; attending or otherwise supporting receptions or high profile events, especially those where a tobacco company is the sole or main sponsor and/or which are overtly to promote tobacco products or the tobacco industry; endorsing or recommending any tobacco company; endorsing projects which are funded directly or indirectly by the tobacco industry; etc.