Ukraine: the Parliament praised the implementation of WHO FCTC at its 10th anniversary


The Ukrainian Parliament adopted a Declaration on the 10th anniversary of the ratification of WHO FCTC by the country. All members of the Parliament Health Committee signed an Act which purpose is to evaluate the implementation of the WHO FCTC by Ukraine, and to identify the tobacco control goals and objectives to reduce smoking prevalence and mortality from diseases associated with tobacco use in the country.

Since WHO FCTC had been ratified in 2006, Ukraine considerably improved its tobacco control legislation and demonstrated considerable progress in curbing tobacco epidemic. Almost all forms of tobacco advertising, sponsorship and marketing were banned, graphic health warnings were introduced, all working places became “smoke free”,  and cigarettes became less affordable due to considerable excise tax increase.

The Declaration encourages more effective enforcement of the current legislation, particularly concerning Article 8 and Article 13 of WHO FCTC in Ukraine.The Ukrainian Parliament also stressed the necessity to implement Article 5.3 in order to protect public health policies from influence of commercial and other corporate interests of tobacco industry.


However, the Declaration recognizes the realization of the WHO FCTC Article 5 “General obligations” as unsatisfactory and recommends to develop and implement the State social program on reducing of tobacco harmful effect on population health and assistance in smoking cessation. 


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