Ukraine: the Healthcare Committee of the Parliament supports new tobacco package design

On 7 October 2015 parliamentarians of the Healthcare Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament recommended the draft law 2820 “On the amendment of some laws protecting the public from the harmful effects of tobacco use” for its first hearing in the Parliament. 

The draft law 2820 was registered on 13 May 2015 by 6 MPs from different political fractions. The legislation draft aims at implementing Articles 9, 10 and 11 of the Convention and the related Guidelines adopted by the Conference of the Parties. The lawmakers used the requirements of Directive 2014/40 of the European Union as resource. The new proposal requires the increase of the size of health warnings from 50 to 65%, and their placement on both principal display areas on the upper part of the pack.

The draft also aims to prohibit tobacco additives and flavorings, and imposes regulations on electronic cigarettes and herbal cigarettes, while increasing responsibility of the tobacco industry to disclose the content and emissions of cigarettes. 

The tobacco industry, present at the Committee meeting expressed its strong opposition to the draft.  

“We should not consider any private interests of tobacco companies when it comes to public health. We repeatedly witness that tobacco and alcohol lobbyists try to justify death of people with some “economic feasibility”. In fact, tobacco is globally recognized as the most harmful product allowed to be consumed,” – summarized MP Oleg Musiy, Deputy Head of the Committee and co-author of the draft law.

The draft law might be considered by the Parliament by the end of this year.  

More information from: Konstantin Krasovsky, tobacco control focal point, Ministry of Health at:


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