Ukraine: continues to fight the tobacco industry by significantly increasing cigarette tax


Despite strong opposition from the tobacco industry, the Ukrainian President has signed a new law, which will increase specific excise rate on cigarettes by 40% and ad valorem excise rate by 20%. This law will be in effect on 1 January 2016 and has the intent of reducing Ukraine’s mortality attributable to tobacco use.

According to the Oxford University estimates Ukraine had 60,965 tobacco-related deaths in 2010. In 2015 42% of males and 9% of females smoked daily in Ukraine..  

Ukraine increased tax rates annually since 2008 and cigarette sales in the country declined from 125 billion in 2008 to 72 billion cigarettes in 2015, while tobacco excise revenues increased from 2.5 billion UAH in 2007 to 21 billion UAH in 2015.

Ukraine’s law to increase cigarette tax (article 6) builds on previous WHO FCTC measures implemented by the country in its fight to reduce tobacco use. These measures include a 100% smoke-free law (article 8), a ban on almost all forms of tobacco marketing (article 13) and graphic health warnings (article 11).

The Ukrainian government continues to stand strong against the tobacco industry and is committed to reduce tobacco consumption amongst its population.  


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