Turkmenistan – new tobacco control law adopted

DECEMBER 2013 – On 23 December 2013, the President of Turkmenistan signed the law “on the protection of the health of citizens from the effects of tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption”. The new act introduces strong tobacco-control measures in line with the requirements of the WHO FCTC such as:

  • banning all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship;
  • requiring textual and pictorial health warnings on all packaging of tobacco products, to occupy at least 65% of both sides of packages;
  • introducing rules for the sale of tobacco products, including licensing of retailers and banning the sale of tobacco products to minors and through vending machines;
  • banning smoking in government buildings, cultural and educational facilities, public transportation (including train stations, airports and sea or river ports) and public places (including theatres, hotels, restaurants and shopping centres);
  • introducing state regulation of tobacco pricing by establishing minimum retail prices for tobacco products;
  • raising public awareness of the impacts of tobacco on health, the environment and the economy, by introducing programmes targeting the general public through educational, occupational and medical organizations;
  • introducing programmes to assist tobacco use cessation, by their integration into the national health-care system.

The law foresees the development of regulations to ensure its full implementation.