Turkey: Increased size of pictorial health warnings

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey has adopted on 30 June 2021 an amendment to the regulation of manufacturing and labeling of tobacco products, requiring the increase in the size of the pictorial health warnings of cigarette packs. The health warnings will increase from currently covering 85% of both the widest front and back surface areas of the package to covering at least 85% of the widest front surface and 100% of the widest back surface of the cigarette packages, while covering at least 85% of both the widest back and front surfaces areas of packages for non-cigarette products.

These amendments bring Turkey to the top of the list of Parties with the largest pictorial health warnings globally.

Turkey continues strengthening the implementation of Article 11 on packaging and labelling of tobacco products with this new regulation.

These regulations entered into force as of 30 June 2021 for the tobacco products that require a new certificate of conformity or new import permit to be placed on the market. A six-month transition period has been granted for tobacco products currently on the market to be brought into compliance with these new rules.

For more information, please, contact the Ministry of Health at disab.uk@saglik.gov.tr

For the latest information on tobacco control in Turkey, please, see this Party webpage.