Strengthened tobacco control in Bolivia: 100% smoke-free

The Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia adopted, on 13 February 2020, the new Law No 1280 on Prevention and Control of the Consumption of Tobacco Products strengthens the protection of the population to the harms of tobacco use.

Bolivia has now established that all publicly accessible enclosed spaces and workplaces are completely smoke-free, without exceptions, including public transport, protecting present and future generations from the exposure to tobacco smoke. The law also bans smoking in certain outdoor spaces, such as outdoor areas of health and government establishments, open facilities where sporting and cultural events are held, spaces for recreation of children and adolescents, and protected areas, forest areas and tourist areas, and at a distance of one hundred meters from water bodies. This measure aligns with Article 8 of the Convention, and brings South America one step closer to become completely smoke-free.

Additionally, the new regulation also increases the size of the graphic health warnings of tobacco products packaging, from 50% to 60%, both front and back. Law No 1280 also advanced with some restrictions on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, as well as established the creation of an Inter-institutional Technical Commission for the implementation of the WHO FCTC, including public and private institutions related to tobacco control, with the exception of the tobacco industry.

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For the latest information on tobacco control in Bolivia, please, see this Party webpage.