Republic of Moldova: amendments in the 2007 tobacco control act

Republic of Moldova passed amendments to the national tobacco control law 278/2007 (as amended in 2015) with primary aim to include ENDS, heated tobacco products and the devices used with such products, in the legislation.

Particularly, amendments refer to packaging and labeling of novel tobacco products as well as their advertising, promotion and sponsorship and, at the same time, they extend the scope of the advertising ban applicable to smoking tobacco products. The law now requires applying health warnings on electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products packages with a minimum coverage of 30% of the two main package surface areas. The amendments also ban any promotion or sponsorship activities related to novel tobacco products, including both direct and indirect advertisements and sponsorship. The amendments now call for a ban in all forms of cross-border advertising and of point-of-sale advertising. The amendments also stated the sanctions applied in case to any violations to this ban.

Finally, the amended act establishes new rates for excise taxation of smoking tobacco products and of heated tobacco products.