Peru: tobacco specific excise more than doubled

The Ministry of Finance of Peru increased the specific excise on cigarettes from 0.07 soles per stick to 0.18 soles per stick, representing an increase of 157%. The tax increase implemented now builds upon a proposal developed by the Ministry of Finance in 2014, following the needs assessment mission of the Convention Secretariat and its partners in late 2013, and a subsequent post needs assessment mission of the World Bank. The move also benefited from the support of the PAHO/WHO, which hosted a representative of the Peruvian Ministry of Finance at its Tax Sim simulation training conducted last year in Quito (Ecuador).

The initiative was Led by Marco Camacho, Director of Tax Revenue Authority in Peru, and aims to discourage the use of tobacco. The tax increase also corresponds to the Party’s obligations under Article 6 of the WHO FCTC.

The press release from PAHO/WHO country office can be accessed at: 


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