Mongolia – Comprehensive tobacco control legislation revised

APRIL 2013 – A comprehensive revision of the 2005 Tobacco Control Law was adopted by the Parliament of Mongolia and entered into force on 1 March 2013.

The main provisions of the new law include the following:

– State policy on tobacco control is now included in broader public health policy, with guiding principles for such policy, including protection from the interests of the tobacco industry;

– there are new requirements concerning import, export, manufacture and trade in tobacco products, including limits on quantities that may be imported for personal use;

– all tobacco products must now carry health warnings and messages covering at least 50% of the surface of packaging, including text, pictures and pictograms;

– sales of tobacco products to and by people under 21 years of age and in packages of less than 20 cigarettes, or less than 200 grams of pipe tobacco in one package, are forbidden;

– sales of tobacco through vending machines and the Internet, as well as in bars and places of entertainment, are forbidden;

– there are new rules concerning the licensing of tobacco growing, and of tobacco manufacturing, importation and sale are provided;

– all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, including cross-border advertising originating from and entering the country, are forbidden. The ban also applies to the free distribution of tobacco products and donations made by the tobacco industry;

– smoking in public places and public transport facilities, including outdoor areas, parks and playgrounds, is forbidden;

– a Health Promotion Foundation is established, utilizing 2% of tobacco excise taxes, and aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing tobacco consumption in the population;

– measures are put in place to monitor and enforce the law, including higher fines for non-compliance.


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