Kenya: comprehensive national tobacco control law defended by the Court of Appeal

On 17 February 2017 the decision of the Court of Appeal supported previous lower court’s decision and rejected the legal challenge initiated by British American Tobacco Kenya back in 2014.

This decision supports the strong stand of the Government of Kenya to protect its people from devastating consequences of tobacco use. As Party to the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control since 2014, Kenya demonstrated its commitment to implementation of the Convention through strengthening its tobacco control measures and bringing them in line with the requirements of the Convention.

The Convention Secretariat congratulates the Government of Kenya for pursuing its implementation of the Tobacco Control Regulations that entered into force in September 2016. These regulations aim for new graphic health warnings, ingredient disclosure, smoke-free environments in streets, walkways, verandas adjacent to public places, disclosure of annual tobacco sales and other industry disclosures and regulations for limiting interaction between the tobacco industry and public health officials and other public officers, and the ban on sale of cigarettes as single sticks.

More details on the Court decision:


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