Italy/Milan: expanding smoke-free environments

The municipality of the city of Milan, in northern Italy, has recently issued a regulation that might prove of interest to the tobacco control community.

The act is titled ‘Regulation for the protection of air quality’ and has been adopted by the city council of Milan, the lawmaking body of the city, in November 2020. The objective is to introduce limitations to a number of activities that are linked to atmospheric emissions – with particular attention to the levels of nitrogen oxide – in the context of a broader set of actions aimed at addressing the deteriorating air quality in the Milan region.

Article 9 of the regulation introduces, starting January 2021, a smoking ban in certain public areas, including in particular parks and green areas, children playgrounds, bus, taxi and public transportation stops, as well as all public areas dedicated to sport activities (including stadiums).

A general exception applies, in some cases, where a distance of 10 meters between the smoker and other people can be maintained.

Starting from 2025, a general smoking ban will apply to all public areas, including streets, unless a 10 meters distance from other people can be maintained. A fine can be levied, in the range of EUR 40-240, in case of non-compliance with the regulation.

For more details, please, contact Mr Lorenzo Spizzichino (Ministry of Health) at

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