Hungary: Larger pictorial warnings and plain packaging required by the new Government Decree

The Decree 239/2016 (of 16 August 2016) of the Hungarian Government introduced new rules on tobacco packaging and also amended the earlier regulation on the application of health protection fine (Decree 39/2013 of 14 February 2013).

From 20 August 2016, Hungary will require cigarette packages to carry pictorial health warnings of 65% of the front and back of packages. All packs with smaller pictorial warnings will need to be sold out by 20 May 2017.

The Decree also requires that new cigarette and RYO tobacco brands that will be introduced on the Hungarian market after 20 August 2016 has to be in a uniform plain packaging, void of brand logos. All brands that have already been on the market before 30 April 2016 are allowed to be produced in their earlier branded and designed packages until 31 December 2016. Eventually, all cigarette and RYO tobacco products are to be sold in uniform packs from 20 May 2019.

Additionally, in accordance with the European Union regulations, Hungary is introducing measures banning flavoured cigarettes and RYO tobacco from 20 May 2017, and menthol cigarettes from 20 May 2020. Brands already on the market will temporarily be exempt and can be produced in the current packaging until the end of this year and can be sold until 20 May 2017. After 20 May 2019, all retailers need to conform with the regulation of standardised packaging.

This legislation is in line with the recommendations of the guidelines for implementation of Articles 11 and 13 of the Convention.

The text of the Government decree is available at: (from page 11993)

For further information, please click on this link or contact Tibor Demjén, tobacco control focal point for Hungary at


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