Hungary: ban on the use of ENDS/ENNDS in work places and public places


A ban on the use ENDS/ENNDS in all work places and public places where traditional smoking tobacco products are banned, including outdoor places where smoking bans apply (e.g, playgrounds). The ban enters into force on 20 May.

The ban covers all electronic cigarettes – irrespective whether they contain nicotine or not.

Additionally, also from 20 May, ENDS/ENNDS can only be sold in special tobacconists’ shops.

The new legislation is based on the EU’s tobacco products directive 2014, that regulates nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes products only, but allows Member States to regulate or ban electronic non-nicotine delivery systems and the products that are similar in appearance to certain types of tobacco products. 

Hungary’s Cabinet Minister Janos Lazar also informed that the country is moving towards introducing plain packaging and a ban of menthol cigarettes.

More information:

TV and radio spots announcing the measures (in Hungarian) are available at the links below.

For more information please contact the Hungarian FCTC focal point, Tibor Demjen (


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