European Union: Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2015/2186 of 25 November 2015 establishing a format for the submission and making available of information on tobacco products


On 25 November 2015 a Commission Implementing Decision was adopted by the European Commission, which establishes a common format for the reporting of information on ingredients and emissions of tobacco products.

This Decision supports implementation of Directive 2014/40/EU, which entered into force 19 May 2014 and aims to improve the functioning of the internal market for tobacco and related products, while ensuring a high level of health protection for European citizens.

The Decision contains six articles and obligates manufacturers and importers of tobacco products to submit, electronically, to the competent authorities of the Member States, information on the ingredients, emissions of tobacco products and their sales volumes.

This information should be submitted by means of a common electronic entry gate operated by the Member States. This would also allow Member States and the Commission to easily process, compare, analyse and draw conclusions from the information received.

This new policy strengthens implementation of Articles 9 and 10 of the Convention in the European Union that has been a Party to the Convention since 28 September 2005.

For more information please contact: Anna-Eva Ampélas, Deputy Head of Unit – Team leader Tobacco control, Unit D4 – Substances of human origin and Tobacco control, Health and Food Safety DG (SANTE) – European Commission, e-mail :


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