CSF continues to support Parties through needs assessments

The WHO FCTC Secretariat together with colleagues from the WHO and other UN agencies conducted needs assessment missions in Jamaica, Congo and Togo in August 2014. These missions were possible through the funding by the EU.

A series of meetings were held with stakeholders from various government agencies, civil society, academia, UN and donor organizations, to discuss achievements and challenges and to identify needs and gaps in implementation of the WHO FCTC.

Jamaica’s Health Minister, Dr Fenton Ferguson, noted that the tobacco legislation is “only the beginning. We have lots of work to do to meet our obligations under the WHO FCTC.” Speaking about further steps, he pointed out that Jamaica is “getting ready to put in place a comprehensive tobacco control bill”.

CSF recommended enhancing multisectoral coordination in Togo through setting up National Tobacco Control Committee and allocating a separate budget line for implementation of the Convention in the national health budget.

Togo’s Ministry of Health Secretary General, Dr Gado Napo-Koura said that “the Government of Togo will go ahead to take action and implement the clear and comprehensive recommendations of the mission.”

Main recommendations of the Congo mission included establishing of tobacco control programme with separate budget in the National Health Development Plan (2015/16) and adoption of the decrees and implementation of the Act without any further delay.

“WHO is our traditional partner and the joint needs assessment helped us to point out different actions to take with more precision,” stated Mr Benjamin Ossombo, Legal Advisor to the Minister of Health and Population in Congo.

Full reports of the missions’ findings will be completed jointly by CSF and the respective governments. Post-needs assessment support will be provided to the Parties in subsequent months. Other Parties interested in participating in needs assessment should contact the Secretariat at fctcsecretariat@who.int.


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