Canada: the Department of Health proposes new flavour restrictions


A proposed Order to amend the Schedule to the Tobacco Act, and its associated Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement, were posted online today in the Canada Gazette, as part of a 30-day public consultation period ending on 6 April 2015.

The proposed amendments would further restrict the use of flavours in most types of cigars. Menthol is not part of this proposal.

In 2009, the Government of Canada introduced the Cracking Down on Tobacco Marketing Aimed at Youth Act, which amended the Tobacco Act to limit the marketing of tobacco products to youth, especially flavoured little cigars that were appealing to youth. However, new cigar types — slightly larger than little cigars — were brought onto the Canadian market by tobacco manufacturers and importers after the 2009 amendment and sold in the same flavours targeted by that amendment. Many of these new products have physical characteristics, such as tipping paper, that make them resemble little cigars and cigarettes. Recent data indicate that youth continue to use flavoured tobacco products, including cigars (Youth Smoking Survey 2012–2013; Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey 2012). Preventing initiation of tobacco use by youth is one of the most effective means of reducing lifetime tobacco use. Further restricting flavours in cigars is expected to contribute to the protection of youth from the dangers of tobacco use. Therefore, the Department of Health is acting through the proposed Order Amending the Schedule to the Tobacco Act to further youth protection measures by strengthening flavour restrictions for certain types of flavoured cigars.

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