Cambodia expands the ban to HTPs in the country

The National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD) of Cambodia issued a new directive, on 18 March 2021, instructing all relevant ministries and institutions to take immediate action to stop the use and commercialization of heated tobacco products (HTPs), as well as Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS, also known as e-cigarettes).

The new regulation complements the Circular No. 001/14 from 2014, through which the NACD established “Measures to Prevent and Terminate Consumptions, Sales, and Imports of Shisha and E-Cigarette in the Kingdom of Cambodia”. Accordingly, the consumption, sale and import of shisha and e-cigarettes is prohibited at national level.

On a step further, and in line with the recommendations of the Conference of the Parties to apply regulatory measures to novel and emerging tobacco products, HTPs are also covered by the national legislation on these bans, and strengthens the protection against the use of ENDS, which NACD indicates it is occurring, despite the 2014 prohibitions, especially among young people. The new measures also aim at tackling the illicit trade of these new products, as well as the possible use of illegal drugs in conjunction with these products.

The NACD took into consideration the evidence provided by the WHO on the toxicity of these novel and emerging nicotine and tobacco products, as well as on their possible role on increasing the infection with the coronavirus, and development of the COVID-19 disease.

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For the latest information on tobacco control in Cambodia, please, see this Party webpage.