Article 21 of the Convention calls upon Parties to submit to the Conference of the Parties, through the Secretariat, periodic reports on implementation of the Convention.

In the initial implementation period, each Party reported within two years (two-year report) and five years (five-year report) of the entry into force of the Convention for that Party. In November 2010, at its fourth session, the Conference of the Parties decided to synchronize the cycle of Parties' implementation reports with the biennial cycle of the regular sessions of the COP. Thus, starting in 2012, Parties will report at intervals of two years and not later than six months before each regular session of the Conference of the Parties. Further details on reporting can be found at


This web-based database can be searched by individual Parties and by treaty articles and measures. When searching for full reports by Parties, please note that the searchable list contains all Parties that have reported at least once. Within treaty articles, searches can be carried out by individual measures and/or questions of the reporting instrument.