About Us

National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research in India is the designated WHO FCTC Secretariat’s Knowledge Hub for problems related to smokeless tobacco use. Our website provides information on negative health effects attributed to smokeless tobacco use, data and statistics on smokeless tobacco and policy recommendations to regulate and control the smokeless tobacco use.

The primary objective of this hub is to collect/create evidence on different aspects of smokeless tobacco (SLT) and develop a knowledge base for different stakeholders. The hub may take help of other agencies in this exercise. The KHSLT will assist Member States in improving SLT control in consultation with WHO FCTC Secretariat.
The SLT hub is developing a searchable web portal of SLT related information such as epidemiology, manufacturing process, health effects, product constituent’s, prevention and control policies, population based cessation interventions etc. KHSLT is collecting and analysing the global and country specific data on SLT burden, It is involved in dissemination of the produced material via varied channels to relevant stakeholders (via web portal, consultations at request, training, workshops and conferences).